Spindrift Technology has been supporting the front end Semiconductor Industry for twelve years. Spindrift’s specialty is large capital tooling used for wet processing, metrology, photo and vacuum processing.

Spindrift also supports the Semiconductor OEM community with mini-environments, tool front ends, contamination control services and custom manufacturing.

Spindrift Technology is based in Andover, Massachusetts and is staffed by Ken Pulaski. Ken has 16 years experience working with the Semiconductor accounts from Eastern Canada, through to six states of New England and New York and New Jersey.

Spindrift Technology Southeast is staffed by Jon Lewis. Jon has in excess of 20 years experience in the Semiconductor Equipment sales and support. Jon is based in Virginia and supports the states from Pennsylvania south to Florida.


Jon Lewis                   3457 Old Church Road

Phone:804-779-7402             Mechanicsville, Virginia

Fax:804-779-7004               23111   

Email: jlewis@spindrifttech.com

Manufacturers Representatives for the Semiconductor Industry

Ken Pulaski                  68 Park Street

Phone:978-470-3400             Andover, Massachusetts

Fax:978-470-3088               01810

Email: kpulaski@spindrifttech.com   

To contact us: